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Fashion Column Twins: With New Year's Eve Dresses, Go Big Or Stay Home / Ljworld.com

Paint each nail the color you want, accessorize your nails, hand and wrist with beautiful jewellery, and so much more! This is one of the best nail polish games or nail games around! So come into the nail salon and get your nails done ready for when you are the talk of the town. Nail Style TimeCut the fingernails to the length you want ready to color and create a beautiful finger masterpiece. Coloring Time Choose any color you want and color each nail the same color or individually to create a new and fashionable look that will wow the crowd.
Source: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/2099-76177530/

When picking out another dress option, we both chose dresses with gold and black sequins. We love the styles of these two dresses because they are unique designs that really stand out. Emilys dress has a black belt and deep V-neck, while mine is simple yet has a distinctive design with http://www.chicemma.com all of the sequins. Look for a dress this time of year that really shows your style. Try something out of your comfort zone you wont regret it! Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy are twin sisters and fashion bloggers who share a blog called Fashion Column Twins .
Source: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2014/dec/25/fashion-column-twins-new-years-eve-dresses-go-big-/

Shoppers Hit Fashion Fair Mall For Last Minute Gifts - YCV

that morning. A spokesperson said they starting getting busy around 10a.m. and were been busting at the seams all day. A store manager said they were much busier than expected and even saw a bigger crowd than last year. Some shoppers said they just didn't have enough time to get their shopping done before today. Others said it's the rush they love. But even with all the craziness, last minute shoppers said they were surprised with how easy it was to get around.
Source: http://www.yourcentralvalley.com/story/d/story/shoppers-hit-fashion-fair-mall-for-last-minute-gif/96591/tOhYtsplR0G7aep2KhBQ0Q

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